Cyber Monday Deals to Avoid

Cyber Monday Deals to Avoid

Cyber Monday, to most, is the ideal time to buy all the things they have ever wanted in life, just from the comfort of their offices or homes. Additionally, cyber Monday deals seem to attract more customers unlike in the case with Black Friday. However, experts have pointed out that caution must be exercised when engaging in Cyber Monday shopping sprees as there are a great number of items that masquerade as good deals.

Cyber Monday is considered a suitable day to buy clothes since the majority of the stores offer great discounts on high-quality clothes. Even though Cyber Monday offers an excellent platform for the sale of different items at good promotions, there are several items that you need to avoid. Here are five of such deals.

TV sets and other electronics

Electronics are some of the major deals offered during cyber Monday by the majority of the stores. As such, competition tends to be high which results in the need for competitive edge based on the pricing strategy. Such stores have mastered this and hence, try to offer slashed prices on television sets.

However, there are concerns that such televisions are budget brands and often have low specifications meant for Cyber Monday. If you’re looking for a new TV set or any other electronic trend with caution during the Cyber Monday.

Home appliances and other goods

Home appliances, just like television sets and other electronics are not a better bargain during Cyber Monday. Based on some experts’ advice, you can get these goods at the best price during October and September.

Other home goods to avoid buying this day are the linens since you can get them cheaply after the New Year. Also, avoid buying holiday decorations during this day though they will feature among some of the early Cyber Monday deals.


Cyber Monday laptop deals are often many, but it is not the ideal time to buy one especially if you are considering making significant savings. You can get better deals on laptops during the back-to-school period or on Black Friday.

Travel deals

Technology now allows people to make their travel arrangements online. There are so many travel deals on Cyber Monday, but analysts advise that you stay away from such deals if you have to; there is nothing special with them. Perhaps, you may consider traveling after New Year or with Cruises during their Wave Season at the beginning of the year.